Blind man attacks taxi driver and police man

blind-symbolA blind man entered a taxi as a passenger in June 2009, wanting to go home, writes Norwegian newspaper VG.

The taxi driver was not sure where the blind man lived, and had to turn to his GPS system to check the address. That annoyed the 50-year old blind man, who felt the driver was taking too long. In addition he thought he could hear that the driver was driving the wrong route, and suspected he was being scammed for cash.

The blind man he grabbed his credit card from the driver and ordered him to stop the car. He was very upset with the taxi bill, which was a lot higher than he thought was right. Ignoring his disability, he tried to run away from the taxi, with his guide dog in pursuit. The driver tried to stop him, but the blind man saw a solution; hitting the taxi driver straight in the face, giving the driver a nose bleed and causing him to feel dizzy.

When the case appeared in the courts, it was also known that the blind man had, when drunk, hit a police man later the same year when the police came to his house because of very loud music.

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