A great selection - ten brutal, strange and funny red cards in football

Kevin Muscat literally kicks this 10-video-special off with a tackle as hard as it is stupid. The Australian Muscat has a reputation for being a ‘hard man’ and, at age 37, is still eager to prove it.

Currently playing for Melbourne Victory in the Australian A-League, the tackle above came in Muscat’s first match after serving another suspension for another red card. Once voted “the most hated man in football”, Muscat has received a lot of red cards, an endless amount of yellows and even a lawsuit for his tackles, many of them leading to serious injury.

The red card above happened in a match versus Melbourne Heart in January 2011, and might end Muscat’s wild career.

After that tough start to this 10-video special, let’s move on to the next video in the series for something a lot cuter.

Random HotFails – 10 more LAUGHS

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