Failed talkers: Funny sports quotes part #4

“England won 5-0 with Arsenals Francis Jeffers scoring the winning goal”
Channel 5 News

“Gomes has scored four goals for Portugal against Andorra, including a hat-trick”
Bill O’Herlihy

“He could have done a lot better there, but full marks to the lad”
- Ron Atkinson

“(Ravanelli) was unlucky … or was it just bad luck?”
- Des Lynam

“He’s got his legs back, of course, or his leg – he’s always had one, but now he’s got two”
- Bobby Robson

“Thats the way to nail the record to the mast”
- Glenn Hoddle

“You only get one opportunity of an England debut”
- Alan Shearer

“Theres going to be four or five teams battling for the top 6 spots”
- Chris Waddle

“… the midfield is outnumbered numerically”
- Ron Atkinson (again!)

“Its getting tougher, teams are beating other teams left right and centre”
- Glenn Hoddle

“We want a draw or as close as we can get to one”
- Berwick Rangers Fan

“Its a tough month for Liverpool over the next five or six weeks”
- Alan Green

“Aston Villa are seventh in the league – thats almost as high as you can get without being one of the top six”
- Ian Payne

“… and Tottenham ice their sublime cake with the ridiculous”
- Peter Drury

“I’m not going to drag it out and make a point, because points are pointless”
- Simon Jordan

“Their away record is instantly forgettable. The 5-1 defeat and 7-nil defeat spring to mind”
- Radio 5 Live

“We have to be careful not to let our game not be the game we know it should be”
- Paul Ince

“Theres a few tired limbs in the blue legs”
- Ron Atkinson

“Phil Thomson is Liverpool through and through. He’s got red blood running through his veins”
- Radio 5 Live

“I have to sit down with him and see where we stand”
- Arsene Wenger

“Scotland don’t have to score tonight but they do have to win”
- Billy McNeill

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