Showoff guy in Ferrari crashes

Some Ferrari facts for you:

Most people can’t afford a Ferrari.

Most people who can afford a Ferrari can’t drive it.

Most people who can’t afford a Ferrari enjoy watching people who can afford a Ferrari but can’t drive it.


Guy fails hard in the parking garage

So, is this guy trying to impress the surveillance camera by doing a ‘run and open the door really fast and jump into the car’ maneuver, or is he just the worst driver in the world? It’s hard to say, but either way he’s a huge failure. We salute him!

If you know whether this guy is clumsy, stupid or just very brave (and… stupid) please write us at


Dog causes airplane to crash off runway

Some people like cats, some like dogs. I think it’s safe to say that the pilot of this airplane is a dog lover, judging from his willingness to risk a plane loaded with 30 passengers to save a dog’s life.

The accident happened at the Tanah Merah Airport in Indonesia’s remote Papua province and the pilot apparently braked so hard a tire blew up, causing the aircraft to slide off the runway and into a ditch, destroying it’s landing equipment and a propeller.

No creatures, humans or dogs, were injured in the plane crash.


Worst parking in Dutch history and he does not even care

This video from the Netherlands shows some pretty horrible parking skills. But the really fascinating aspect of this film is that the driver appears completely careless of his driving and the damage he causes the cars around him. He just takes his suitcase and strolls happily off to his meeting.

That’s the kind of attitude admired by writers of self-help books all over the world, and something that can only be achieved with countless hours of yoga, thousands of litres of green tea and a lot of drugs that are illegal even in the Netherlands.


BMW driver tries to impress crowd - fails

The driver of this BMW 740i tries to impress a crowd with his ‘amazing’ driving skills, and then does a fail that went straight to the top of the fail charts. Much to the amusement of the not-so-impressed crowd, who greets his disaster with ironic shouts of ‘Bravo’ and mocking applause.