What is the top speed of this treadmill?

Of course, whenever someone reads the word ‘treadmill’ at a web site like this, everyone knows what is going to happen. Yep, the kid is going to fall off. Yep, it’s really not that clever trying to outrun yourself on a treadmill. Yes, he hurt his face a little bit. Now watch it, it’s funny.


Cross Country Skiing

Right now the world championship in cross-country skiing is being held in Oslo, Norway, contestants from all over the world meeting to see how can travel a certain distance fastest. In snow, with a pair of wooden planks on their feet. Well, maybe not wooden.

The skier above did not qualify for the world championship.


Singer falls off stage

It’s the grandest show, with the grandest singer. He looks so good doing his funky walk.

And then he hurts himself.


Guitarist falls off stage at Pariahs gig

Unknown band Pariahs play at the Wonderclock festival 2007. There is something very sad about this video. Nobody seems to care about the band.


Rock girl face plants at terrible concert

This hard rock band will forever remember June 18th. That was the day their only fan, faithfully appearing as always, collapsed at one of their concerts. After that, there was really no point in keeping the band alive, and they all left their music ‘career’ to work at the local icepick factory.