Al-Ahly fails to score, commentator goes ballistic

The Egyptian football club Al-Ahly is the most crowned club in Africa, and is certainly loved by both fans and commentators. Watch this amazing chance, and turn up the volume on your speakers.


Football fan with boner keeps jumping

Euro 2004 football championship. Otto Rehhagel, the German who manages Greece, contemplates making a change in the semi-final versus the Czech Republic. Little does he know that some days later he and Greece will be the surprise winners of the tournament.

And little does he know that a half-naked football fan with a massive boner is jumping up and down behind him.


Failed talkers: Funny sports quotes part #5

Michael Owen isnt the tallest of lads, but his height more than makes up for that.
Mark Lawrenson

Even if he had scored for Alaves, it would have made no difference to the scoreline.
Jerry Armstrong

Its like the sea of Galilee – the two defenders just parted
Mark Lawrenson

Chelsea last won away on April Fools Day – now its Boxing Day, another great religious holiday
Dominic Johnson

They’re in pole position, ie 3rd position for the Champions League
Mark Lawrenson

The ball plunges up between the two of them as they meet
Radio 5 Live

He’s got a great future ahead. He’s missed so much of it
Terry Venables

This is a real cat and carrot situation
David Pleat

To be a great game, one of the teams has to score first
Mark Lawrenson

Theres Ottmar Hitzfield, the two year old Bayern Munich manager
Mike Hill

To be honest, i cant remember him scoring a goal that wasnt memorable
Jerome Anderson

Andy Cole has at last broken his goal glut with his first goal for England
Channel 5

All of a sudden they still keep playing with that flat back four
John Beresford

For me their biggest threat is when they get into the attacking part of the field
Ron Atkinson

They’ve conceded a lot of goals but their other problem is they’ve let a lot in
Gary Lineker

Bobby Robson and Sven Goran Eriksson had a meeting before this match. Kieron Dyer will have been the name on two of their lips
Metro Radio

(Dwight Yorke’s) white boots were on fire against Arsenal tonight and he’ll be looking for them to reproduce tonight
Ron Atkinson

Two-nil was a dangerous lead to have…
Peter Beardsley

And it (the ball) just crept either side of the post
Chris Kamara

Bayern Munich lost in the semifinals of the Champions League to Real Madrid last year and the year before that they were beaten in the final by Manchester United, so their European pedigree is second to none
Simon Brotherton

And Scot Gemmill has put Everton ahead in the big match between the bottom five
Steve Ryder

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Carrasco from Chile enters the cheating hall of fame

Chilean right-back Bryan Carrasco took football cheating to new (low) levels in the 2011 South American Youth Championship against Ecuador earlier this month. Waiting for a throw-in, marking Ecuador’s Edson Motano, the presumably stupid Carrasco takes football play-acting to new heights as he hits himself – with Motano’s arm!

Luckily, the refeere didn’t fall for this lame trick.


Harry Redknapp hit by ball, goes ballistic

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp reacts with predictable anger and bitterness when a ball mis-hit by one of his players hits him during a TV interview when he was a manager at Portsmouth.