4-year old football players get in a fight

Football played by kids is fun to watch. All the small players run in a crowd wherever the ball is, regardless of position. And, like the grown players, tempers rise and fighting occurs. Surely a red card for both of them in this vid.

This is the second video in the 10-video special ‘ten brutal, strange and funny red cards in football’. Let’s move on to the next one and watch a football fan getting some action.


Kid owned by skateboard

Learning to be a pro skateboarder involves a lot of valuable lessons to be learned, including intimate knowledge of how your most pain-producing bodyparts work.


Silly behaviour ends in face plant

Short videos are often the best, and this is a good example. We are not exactly sure what these promising young things are trying to do, or what beverages they have consumed, but you all know how it ends; with a broken ego and a bloody nose.


Cute kid fails to jump into pool

Kids are cute. Although the creator of this video calls the kid the ‘dumbest kid in the world’ I think that is a bit harsh. Kids are more cute than stupid, and to be honest we at hotfail.com has seen a lot dumber kids than this one.

But we have to be honest – this kid should probably have his depth perception checked, or else he’ll stay dry for his entire vacation.


Cute kid failing frog

This might not be a true FAIL, but the cute child is actually failing to say the word ‘frog’ correctly and that’s enough for us when the clip is as humorous as this one.

This clip was also the final clip in a 10-video series called February Friday Fantabulous Fail Fest, designed to improve your day. If you missed the first nine clips, move back to the beginning!