Drive-by farting by lightly dressed man

TV reporter Dawn Scott with KIRO-TV has a most unusual day at the job. Reporting live, she is the target of a nasty drive-by. Remember to turn up the volume on your speakers.


Serene Branson loses control of her speech during Grammy report

Emmy-winning TV reporter Serene Branson had a bad day on the job when reporting from the Grammy awards in Los Angeles February 2011.

Check out the clip above!

It later surfaced that the experienced reporter had suffered bad migraine attacks the same day and thus received symptoms similar to a stroke while going on air. At we wish Serena all the best and we are not amused by her illness. We ARE however, amused by the video, and this IS a hot fail!


TV story on premature ejaculation takes off

A TV news story on a drug used to premature ejaculation is accompanied by wrong, but still very fitting, footage. Host Peggy Bunker and the rest of her crew on The Daily Buzz Channel can only laugh if off.


News anchor fails hard in delivering the news

Watch this video, and listen carefully. This newsreader, Ken Bastida, has got his messages mixed up!


Newsreader can't stop laughing at murder

Even a murder case as tragic as this Petoskey, Michigan case can promote laughter in an unfortunate news reader on the TV news. Even when you know that the man featured killed his wife and dismembered her, can you stop yourself from enjoying this clip? It’s a cruel world.