Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins accidently shows underwear

Some accidents are planned by the mighty forces of the universe. Gods more powerful than can be imagined, conspiring for their own enjoyment. Natural powers of our galaxy, all wishing for something to happen so hard that no mortal human being can resist.

At least that’s what we think happened when Australian beauty, former cheerleader, Miss Australia and Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins, lost her dress at the Australian shopping centre Westfield Miranda.

According to Wikipedia, the beautiful Hawkins commented: “I wish I wore better underwear”.


Miss Guarico Venezuela shows it all

Few countries in the world take beauty pageants more seriously than Venezuela. And Miss Guarico really showed us all she has to offer when she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction and went from showing off a tiny bikini to just showing off.

Despite her heroic efforts and this little accident she did not win the contest.


Beauty queen does everything right, until...

After delivering a perfect answer about world peace and ending world hunger the candidate to miss Hotfail 2010 received a warm applause. Then, all she had to do was walk back.


Show speaker Jan Kraus makes short apperance

Can’t blame him for not looking straight ahead with that sideview. Let just hope the winner of Miss Whatever did a better job answering than Miss South Carolina.