A great selection - ten brutal, strange and funny red cards in football

Kevin Muscat literally kicks this 10-video-special off with a tackle as hard as it is stupid. The Australian Muscat has a reputation for being a ‘hard man’ and, at age 37, is still eager to prove it.

Currently playing for Melbourne Victory in the Australian A-League, the tackle above came in Muscat’s first match after serving another suspension for another red card. Once voted “the most hated man in football”, Muscat has received a lot of red cards, an endless amount of yellows and even a lawsuit for his tackles, many of them leading to serious injury.

The red card above happened in a match versus Melbourne Heart in January 2011, and might end Muscat’s wild career.

After that tough start to this 10-video special, let’s move on to the next video in the series for something a lot cuter.


Football player sent off for tackling pitch invader

In a Greek Super League match featuring Panathinaikos v Asteras Tripolis, Asteras midfielder Adrian Bastia was sent-off for tripping up a crowd member who entered the field of play. Usually refeerees are thankful that pitch invasions are stopped, but this ref saw it differently.

This is the third video in the ‘ten brutal, strange and funny red cards in football’ special. The next one features a laughing football legend, a red card and a yellow card.


Ronaldinho is shown a red card that is yellow

It’s 2009, it’s AC Milan – Inter Milan, the fierce Italian football derby where the city of Milan once again discovers which set of supporters can hold their heads high. The match has been unusually quiet when it comes to disciplinary problems, and it continued to be good-humoured after this mistake by the referee, leading to laughter all around – a rare sight on the football pitch.

This is the fourth video in a series of red cards in football – join us for the next one which is full of trickery and deceit.


Footballer tries to be clever, ends up in the shower

Watch this video now! It has fighting, humour and drama – all you want from a movie, but in just 32 seconds!

Afterwards, move on to video #7 in this series of ‘ten brutal, strange and funny red cards in football’.


Pepe attacks Casquero

What can we say? Pepe. World famous footballer. Portuguese international. Central defender for Real Madrid. Winner of numerous trophies in Portugal and Spain. A highly successful individual.

Sometimes the brain just shuts down, leading to 10-match bans.

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