Pop Idol audition hurts ear of the tiger


From Pop Idol, this guy delivers one of the most remarkable versions of the Survivor hit ‘Eye of the Tiger’ that has been heard in a long time, anywhere in the universe.

If you liked that clip – be sure to check out this incredible video from American Idol. This guy is crazy!


Singer falls off stage

It’s the grandest show, with the grandest singer. He looks so good doing his funky walk.

And then he hurts himself.


Irritating girl owned by dictionary

The title says it all, really.


The most embarassing live performance ever

Her name is Caroline Marcil. She’s from Canada, and was chosen to sing the both the American and the Canadian national anthem during a hockey game between USA and Canada in 2005. Welcome to her personal nightmare.

You should have a pillow nearby as you watch this. One problem is that she can’t remember the lyrics to the American anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Another one is that she has left her notes backstage, and she actually picks up the courage to go get them… not that it helps her situation.

Heroically, Marcil turned up on Good Morning America next day to sing the anthem and talk about her failure. She has also talked about her performance on other TV shows and in newspaper articles. That’s one tough lady!

That incredible moment was video 6 in the February Friday Fantabulous Fail Fest. Check out number 7 for a short, but enjoyable experience.


Legend Shane Lee sings 5 octaves on the piano

Shane Lee, of beatbox fame, is back. This time his incredible talent is put to the challenge as he sings through 5 octaves on the piano. If he fails or not – you be the judge of that.