Al-Ahly fails to score, commentator goes ballistic

The Egyptian football club Al-Ahly is the most crowned club in Africa, and is certainly loved by both fans and commentators. Watch this amazing chance, and turn up the volume on your speakers.


Football fan with boner keeps jumping

Euro 2004 football championship. Otto Rehhagel, the German who manages Greece, contemplates making a change in the semi-final versus the Czech Republic. Little does he know that some days later he and Greece will be the surprise winners of the tournament.

And little does he know that a half-naked football fan with a massive boner is jumping up and down behind him.


Harry Redknapp hit by ball, goes ballistic

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp reacts with predictable anger and bitterness when a ball mis-hit by one of his players hits him during a TV interview when he was a manager at Portsmouth.


Female football referee Bibiana Steinhaus boob-pinched

German football teams Hertha Berlin and Aachen was refereed by German Bibiana Steinhaus last weekend, when Hertha-player Peter Niemeyer showed some eye-to-hand coordination problems as he reached over to pat miss Steinhaus on the back. Niemeyer missed, touching her breast instead. He claims it was an ‘accident’…

The game ended 0-0.


World Cup 2010: England goalkeeper Robert Green fails hard and lets USA score

So, the first true fail of the World Cup happened a short time ago, as England where playing USA in the first game of group C.

England goalkeeper Robert Green (club: West Ham), who somewhat surprisingly started the match, manages to avoid saving a bad shot from the American Clint Dempsey (club: Fulham). A shot directed so straight at the goalkeeper that even a zombie would have saved it. What a disaster, as the game ends 1-1.