Indoor tennis can be dangerous

This guy illustrates why tennis is a sport played on slightly bigger areas than the one he is using.


Bird fails to survive tennis match

Unfortunately a bird, believed to be a house martin, was killed in the making of this clip.

This happened in the Australian Open in 2002, where tennis players Julien Boutter and Arnaud Clement were playing a doubles semi-final against Michael Llodra and Fabrice Santoro. At one point, Llodra struck a powerful forehand and the ball flew directly into the bird, instantly killing it. Llodra ran over to it in order to administrate mouth-to-mouth, but it was already to late. The only thing that remained doing was giving the bird it’s last rites, which Llodra promptly did, being joined in the instant funeral by the other 3 players.

Llodra and Santoro won the game.